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What does sponsorship in sport look like?

Sponsorship in sport comes in many forms and can take different forms depending on the sponsor’s objectives, the amount of investment and the level of involvement in the sporting event or organisation. Here are the main forms of sponsorship in sport:

  1. Financial sponsorship: This is the most common form of sponsorship where a company or organisation provides financial support to a sports team, event or sports organisation in return for advertising and promotion of their brand. This can include sponsorship agreements, advertising on players’ uniforms, naming of stadiums and so on.
  2. Event sponsorship: Companies can sponsor sporting events such as championships, competitions, festivals or Olympic Games. In this case, the sponsor may be authorised to use the logos and trademarks of the event in their advertising.
  3. Team sponsorship: Companies may sponsor sports teams by providing funds to support team needs, player and coach salaries, and to promote the brand through advertising on uniforms, during games and in other contexts.
  4. Sports star sponsorship: Companies can enter into sponsorship agreements with famous athletes to utilise their image and popularity in their advertising. This allows companies to associate themselves with successes and celebrities in the world of sports.
  5. Technical and equipment sponsorship: Companies can provide sports teams and organisations with specialist equipment, clothing or technology solutions in exchange for the right to use their products in sporting events and advertising.
  6. Media sponsorship: Companies may sponsor sports broadcasts or media coverage of events. This includes advertising during broadcasts, partnerships with media companies, etc.
  7. Sponsorship of charities and social initiatives: Some companies use sports sponsorship to support charities, sports programmes for children or social initiatives.

Sports sponsorship allows companies to promote their brands, connect with audiences and participate in various sporting events. At the same time, sports organisations and teams receive additional resources for their activities and development. This mutually beneficial practice contributes to the development of sport and the creation of sought-after sporting events.

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